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Poultry mineral complementary feed 20 kg, BIO


Jaga toodet:

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Jaga toodet:

Ingredients:  limestone (CaCO3), NaCl , monocalcium phosphate, rapeseed cake, molasses

Analytical composition:

 Macronutrients g/kg

Ca             300

P              30

Na           10

Feed additives per Kg:

Micronutrients: Fe(E1 Ferrum Sulphate monohydrate)1000mg, I(3b202, Potassium Iodide) 37,5 mg, Cu(E4, Copper Sulphate pentahydrate) 375 mg, Mn(E5 Manganese Oxide) 2125mg, Zn(E6, Zink Oxide) 1500,  Se(E8, Sodium Selenite) 3,75 mg.

Vitamins: A(E672) 300 000 RÜ, D3(E671) 62 500 RÜ, E(dl-α-tocopherol) 500 mg

Usage: for the production of compound feedingstuffs for laying hens and other poultry. 

Up to 4% of dry feed mixture.


1 chicken 3-4 g/day

3-4 month old chicken 2-3 g/day

2-3 month old chicken 2-2,5 g/day

Storage: In a cool, dry place in original package

Best before: 6 months after producing            

Net weight: 20 kg